Wave Dryer Balls – Wool Balls for Dryer


Wave Dryer Balls are wool dryer balls, reduce drying time and help eliminate creases for ironing.

The wool spheres are a handcrafted product made by kids at the La Nostra Famiglia day care center of Mareno di Piave, using wool recovered from the yarn scraps of the Bottoli Wool Mill of Vittorio Veneto.



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Wave Dryer Balls are a handcrafted product made 100% by hand with wools worked with natural colors and manufactures.

The raw material for our spheres is recovered from the scraps of the first production spinning mill of the Bottoli woolen mill in Vittorio Veneto, 100% wool processed with natural manufactures and colors.

The balls are hand felted by the boys of the Daytime Occupational Educational Center (C.E.O.D.) “La Nostra Famiglia” in Mareno di Piave to whom part of the proceeds are donated.

Follow the wave of change and support our project!

CONTENT: 3 balls 100% wool.


NATURAL SOFTENER: Due to their high content of natural lanolin, they soften and relax fabric fibers.

REUSABLE: more than 800 cycles.

REDUCE DRYING TIME: They absorb moisture by absorbing up to 30 percent of their weight in water, and their movement in the dryer helps separate clothes and sheets by allowing air and heat to circulate and dry them faster. As your laundry dries, the dryer balls soften and evenly redistribute moisture in the dryer by eliminating creases, reducing static cling and providing a softer feel to your fabrics. The result is faster drying time, and softer, more manageable laundry.

HAIR CATCHER: Thus removing your pet’s lint from your clothes by not clogging the dryer filter.

IDEAL FOR QUILTS/UPFLOURS: thanks to the continuous movement they prevent feather clusters that come back fluffy and well distributed.

Plastic-free, chemical-free, nontoxic and hypoallergenic are perfect for those with sensitive skin and children.


Insert the balls directly into the dryer with the laundry, and always use a moisture-sensitive setting on the dryer. You can also stop the dryer 5-10 minutes before the end of its normal cycle. Do not overdry. Remember that over-drying produces static adhesion. The more balls you use per load, the better the effect and the shorter the drying time.

You can also use them with a washer-dryer type machine, inserting them only during the drying cycle. Add the balls to dry when the drying cycle starts, only after the wash cycle is over and all the water has come out.

TIP: For fragrant laundry just add a few drops (3-5) of your favorite essential oil to each ball before each cycle.


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